In Concordance with the Cones; The Stack, 2013

This work contains elements that stem from a diagram by Gregg Henriques called the 'Tree of Knowledge System'. In this diagram Henriques endeavors to create a universal concept of the structure of knowledge and its development over time. 'In concordance with the Cones' focusses mainly on the aesthetic properties of this diagram and of the diagram in general.

The Dubious Strength of Knowledge hanging From a Tree, 2013

Kok stelt in deze tentoonstelling een nieuw werk voor onder de titel The dubious strength of knowledge hanging from a tree (2013). Het is gebaseerd op de classificatiesystemen die door de middeleeuwse, Spaanse filosoof en schrijver Ramon Llull bedacht werden om de kennis van de wereld te verbinden en op te delen, visueel voorgesteld door grafische weergaves van ladders, bomen en wielen. De installatie fungeert als een verbindende, driedimensionale display voor een geheel van losse elementen waarin Kok refereert aan de systemen van Llull. (tekst: Liene Aerts)

Micro Events, 2012
by Tom Kok and Britt Hatzius

Micro Events is a series of cinematic experiences for one person at a time, each comprising of a table, a microscope and a small mechanical stage. Each of the three tables has a different soundtrack that accompanies the partial view onto tiny fragments, remains and broken pieces, leading you through a maze of detailed descriptions, questions and unstable verifications.

As an experience, it resembles that of an intimate film screening, except that the moving image is not a projected image, but a moving mechanical stage. Looking down into the lens, the movement of this stage, with its pauses, accelerations and at times jerky jolts, evokes a sense of live-ness that stands in opposition to its pre-programmed nature and the accompanying pre- recorded voices and sounds.

The collaborative work was initially developed during Spring Camp 2012 residency at Timelab (a workplace for art, technology and society in Ghent, Belgium). It started with the discovery of two very similar collections of images found in both Tom's and Britt's reference material. The images of relatively small objects and their elaborate descriptions found in Museum collections or other scientific research archives became the inspiration for Micro Events. It is informed by a mutual curiosity in the mechanics of knowledge production, tentatively questioning the authority of scientific classification and focusing here on the discrepancies between what you hear, what you are told you are seeing, and what you are actually looking at.

If You Succeed You Will Bask in Glory, 2012

"If You Succeed You Will Bask in Glory" is a research project with the focus on investigating the visual form of language. The aim is to expose the underlying structures of specific languages. At the center of this this research are two subjects: the Chappe Semaphore, and the communication between honeybees.

Who is looking at who?, 2012